Enhanced F Pistol

Enhanced F Pistol
February 8, 2017 Admin - Monique

The 9x19mm Caracal Enhanced F semi-automatic pistol was launched in 2015, the Enhanced F is a fundamentally new weapon which has been extensively tested to the harshest conditions and recognized standards. It carries a high-capacity 18 round 9mm magazine and retains the unique low bore axis found on previous Caracal pistols. The weapon is available with an optional tactical pack which allows the fitting of a QD polymer shoulder stock and forward grip with an integrated mounting rail.

  • 18rd magazine. 18+1 capacity.
  • Propriety shoulder stock and forward to grip to instantly convert it into a highly accurate short barrel rifle/carbine. Forward     grip also has a tactical-rail for a light.
  • Short trigger pull and reset.
  • Uniquely low bore axis which generates better instinctive shooting.
  • Low profile slide which gives less felt recoil to the operator.
  • Propriety 2-dot sight system and possibility to have Quick-Sight combat system.




Caliber: 9 x 19mm
Slide length: 178 mm
Barrel length: 104 mm
Height: 135 mm
Width: 28 mm
Weight: 790 g
Magazine capacity: 18 / 18
Grip frame: Polymer
Trigger system: Short Double Action
Trigger Pull (constant): ~2.2 kg
Trigger travel (constant): ~ 8 mm
Internal Safety (drop and firing pin): 2
Cocking indicator: 1
Magazine catch: Ambidextrous